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September 15, 2006
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I've recently bought a smaller case for my MediaPortal system which is great, but I didn't realise that it wasn't full height, so I've been having fun making everything fit.

I'm all sorted except for my TV cards...
...I'm going to make an external enclosure for my Floppy DTV S2 which just leaves the analogue card that I use to record from my Sky UK digi box.

I've been using a Hauppauge PVR 350 for years, but it doesn't want to record sound anymore. I'd ordered a PVR 150 (full height) before I realised my case was too small.

So, does anyone have any suggestions that meet the following criteria?

- Low profile PCE/PCIEx1 OR USB
- Works fine with MP or course
- Preferably hardware encoding, but mainly because that's what I've used previously
- Good picture quality
- Available in the UK
- Doesn't cost too much - I'm thinking less than £50 as I do need one but I've spent enough recently

I don't mind if I have to go for a hybrid card and I would prefer not to go USB, but I'm open to options.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,


Just to add to my own post...

I've been working may way through the MP Supported TV cards list and find many of them discontinued or out of stock (probably discontinued).

I found this:

XFX NVTV MPEG2 TV Tuner PAL (B) FM Radio *OEM* (No Remote) -

It's not listed as supported and XFX don't seem to acknowledge they ever made it, so details are sketchy, like whether it works with BDA drivers.

I only need the card itself, so cheaper options like the XFX above without a remote and software are a bonus.

BTW I'm using TV Server, single seat.


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September 20, 2007
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I have just purchased the hauppauge hvr-2200 that is a duo analog - dvb-t card and i like hem already, much better image quality.


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September 15, 2006
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Hmmm the HVR 2200 looks fine except for the price:mad:

You say the image quality is much better - can ask what you are comparing it to? The XFX NVTV card?

I'm considering the XFX NVTV card...

...the TV Server documentation says that it will support any analogue card with hardware encoding and it's pretty cheap at less than £30. My only concerns are related to the picture quality and support as XFX don't have any information about it on their website so I assume it's been discontinued for a long time. There are MCE 2005 drivers on the nVidia website though - dated February 2005.

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