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June 10, 2009
I have noticed lots of activity around Android and Mediaportal.
I thought I would share what I use for simple customisable remote.
  • Controls anything- not just mediaportal.
  • Customisable - You can set 15 buttons to do any keys or mouse control.
  • Keep alive - While the remote is on your android screen the screen will not turn off.
  • Joystick Control - Play games with it.
  • Auto finder - No typing in IPs.
  • FREE!

What you need-

Multiremote - Scan the QR code on the above or download from The Market.

Java JRE- Download Free Java Software
MultiRemote Server- Download

WiFi (obviously)

1. Install MultiRemote on your Android device

2. Install Java JRE on your PC.

3. Extract MultiRemoteServer.zip to C:\Remote\ or anywhere you choose.
There should be 2 files

4. Run MultiRemoteServer.jar on the PC (You will need to allow access through the firewall)

You should get an icon in the Notification area.

5. Enable Wi-Fi and Run MultiRemote on the Android Device.

Press Menu>Settings>List of Servers
Press Menu>Find
Select your PC from the list.
Press Back, Back.
Press Menu>Remotes and select a remote.

When you first connect to your PC it will come up with a window asking permission; You want to Add to the list of permitted IPs
If you don't want this message to appear you can right click the notification icon, click open.
Click Application Menu, Click Security and check Open. (anybody on your LAN can connect now)

You can use built in Windows MediaCentre if you have Mediaportal setup for a MCE Remote
I prefer to setup my own custom settings.
This is how I do that.

Menu>Settings>Custom Remotes
Select custom or press menu and create a new one.
Name - MediaPortal
Button 1 - |< - F7
Button 2 - >|| - Space
Button 3 - >| - F8
Button 4 - << - F5
Button 5 - Stop - B
Button 6 - >> - F6
Button 7 - Menu - F9
Button 8 - UP - Up
Button 9 - Back - ESC
Button 10- Left - Left
Button 11- OK - Enter
Button 12- Right- Right
Button 13- Vol- - -
Button 14- Down - Down
Button 15- Vol+ - +

Hint: You can create a shortcut in your Start Menu>Startup to MultiRemoteServer.jar to ensure it is started every time you start windows.

Much thanks to Gaétan Collaud for creating MultiRemote

Originally posted on guides.thtp.com.au by me.

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