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Hi i live in the UK and im after a low-profile TV card with an mpeg 2 hardware encoder or a USB one as my HTPC case will not take a full profile card. It doesn't have to be a digital one as im pluggin my SKY into it and it dosen't have to have radio either. So far i found the Theater 550 but MP can't change the quality settings :(


yeah that is one i am considering, would a card with Nvidia NVTV be any good? i see they are cheap.


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April 4, 2005
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I'd suggest the Hauppauge PVR-150 MCE low profile card. I've used it from day one and had great results. It has Coax in, S-Video in, and a radio tuner.

Don't forget that if you're using your SKY box with that card, you'll need a good blaster. The MCE l.p. version comes OEM only, so look into a USB-UIRT or MCE remote. I've used the MCE 2k5 remote and it controls my Motorola box like a charm.

That's my quick suggestion. Look around in the forums a bit more. I know that others have had success with other low profile cards.

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