Are you getting epg data for BBC channels? (1 Viewer)


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February 4, 2005

Currently testing latest CVS and EPG grabbing is working again but doesn't seem to get info from all channels (same as before). ITV1 transponder gets the data as soon as tuning in the channels while BBC channels get nothing. I'm pretty sure that EPG data is transimitted there as well. If I look in the logs I can see that the EPG_Grabber finds no event and reschedule itself for later.
One possibility is that BBC doesn't continuosly transimit EPG data; I've recently tested Showshifter which also has EPG grabbing functionality. There it gets data very fast for every channel. So the question is why. Maybe MP wrongly misses EPG data for some reason.



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April 4, 2005
I'm getting EPG data for most channels, except bbc.

BBC channels only get erratic entries, and these are for a few hours time or in the past. most bbc channels do this.

ITV etc work fine also.


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June 8, 2005
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I couldn't say for certain, but I didn't notice anything wrong with BBC EPG data (perhaps I caught it on a good day?)

It's likely that BBC's broadcast of EPG is a bit suspect - my mother's basic freeview digibox is sometimes missing BBC data too.


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  • April 26, 2005
    Perth, Australia
    i think it depends on what transmitter your looking at etc... they seem to be flakey off and on.

    im using james's webepg program... it works a treat and gives me 14 days worth of epg info.


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    June 27, 2005
    London, UK
    I get exactly the same problem even with latest CVS builds. Most channels download in seconds but after 2 hours there's still nothing for the BBC!

    The old method of grabbing through the config worked fine. I'm inclined to agree that MP might not be 'waiting' long enough for the data.

    Am also going to try manually setting the frequency for a different transmitter (assuming I can find a list of frequencies!) to see if this makes any difference. I live in London so there are a couple of different ones I can try. Will let you know the results but hope it can be fixed as this is a pain at the moment.

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