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November 8, 2008
Germany Germany

i'm having some issues with my dual monitor setup and videoplayback described here. to narrow this problem down, i need some info of you guys out there using mp in a dual screen (i.e. lcd monitor + lcd tv) setup.

i would really love some input on:

what os are you using?
whats your gfx card & driver version?
what monitors / tv are your using?
on what resolution / refreshrate are thouse set?
any stuttering issues while playing pal (25fps) content on one of thouse screen?
are you using vmr9 or evr as your renderer?

any input is greatly appreciated.


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  • June 1, 2010
    New Zealand New Zealand
    I may have a similar issue..

    MediaPortal Version: 1.10 RC4 (Client)
    MediaPortal Skin: StreamedMP for RC4
    Windows Version: 7 64bit ultimate
    CPU Type: Intel Quad Core 2.6
    HDD: 3x 1.5TB Seagate +1x 64GB Kingston SSD (Windows and Mediaportal drive)
    Memory: 8GB DDR3
    Motherboard: Gigabyte EAP45
    Video Card: Nvidia GTS250 1GB
    Video Card Driver: 197.45
    Sound Card: Realtek HD
    MPEG2 Video Codec: ffdshow, nero, microsoft, etc
    TV - HTPC Connection: 2x Phillips 24 Inch via DVI

    On this PC, If, and only if, mediaportal is fullscreen on monitor 2, the TV stream will be stuttery/jerky
    I have tried many different codecs, same issue happens with every codec so seems to rule that out

    On Screen 1:
    Windowed = Perfect playback
    Maximised = Perfect Playback
    Fullscreen = Perfect playback

    On Screen 2:
    Windowed = Perfect playback
    Maximised = Perfect Playback
    Fullscreen = Jerky video

    Shift+1 shows erratic green and red lines when used on Screen 2 in Fullscreen, all other screen options its fairly stable

    Have tried many different codecs, uninstalled reinstalled etc, same issue so does not appear to be a codec issue

    I have another PC with a Duel Screen Setup, that one is AMD/Nvidia running XP and it works perfectly.

    Suspect its probably something to do with the Video driver :/

    Renderer on both systems is EVR.


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  • August 4, 2008
    Poland Poland
    You have my config below my nick and here is the rest
    renderer: VMR9
    touchscreen: 10.8'' connected through VGA
    both screens in clone mode 1360x768
    I don't have any problems, both screens display the same nice picture without any stuttering.

    I hope it helps somehow.


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    November 8, 2008
    Germany Germany
    thanks for the input

    mastyman: did you clone or extend your desktop ? on which refreshrates are your monitors set?

    btw, check this out masty, might solve your problem. the mentioned issue occured after 196.34 till 197.45 (the version you are running) and is fixed again in the latest beta drivers 257.15 obtainable here. if that won't help you might wanna give Re: Some TV channels stutter (heavily)/look "flawed" a read.

    didn't solve my problems but sounds quite fitting to your setup.

    best regards
    more input appreciated :)


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  • October 4, 2006
    Denmark Denmark
    Country flag
    on win7 x64 here.
    using ati hd4770 @ 10.5 CCC drivers.
    evr mode fullscreen.

    using clonemode at 1080p as either 50hz and 24hz, both display devices natively supports this.

    dvi-1: lcd tv
    dvi-2: projector

    no problems with stuttering.



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  • June 1, 2010
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Thanks, gave the new the Beta a go, but didnt help with the stutter if fullscreened on Screen 2

    FYI i use EVR, Extended Desktop.

    Anyway its not a massive issue to just run it maxamised instead of fullscreen on Screen 2


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    February 1, 2007
    mine runs full screen on 2nd monitor, but only after I move it over and tell it to run full screen.

    Is there a way to set the config inside MP to automatically open it fullscreen on the 2nd monitor?


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  • September 7, 2009
    Ireland Ireland
    mine runs full screen on 2nd monitor, but only after I move it over and tell it to run full screen.

    Is there a way to set the config inside MP to automatically open it fullscreen on the 2nd monitor?
    You can start MP fullscreen on 2nd monitor by using these command line options: /fullscreen /screen=1

    Easiest way to do this is to make a shortcut (copy the Media Portal desktop shortcut) and open its properties, the item that says Target should be like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe" /fullscreen /screen=1


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    February 1, 2007
    I think I figured it out, not sure, maybe someone can verify?

    I have my HTPC hooked via HDMI to my Receiver, which sends video to my TV via HDMI.

    It seems that if my receiver and tv have not sync'd then MP does not send the video to the TV (my 2nd 'monitor')... if the Receiver & TV have sync'd then it works fine.

    Anyone else seen this?


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  • January 17, 2009
    United States of America United States of America
    I will tag along for more information:
    MediaPortal Version: 1.1 RC5 (Client/TV Server, same machine), upgraded from 1.1RC4 (not fresh install)
    MediaPortal Skin: BleazleWide v8.1
    Windows Version: 7 32bit Home Premium
    CPU Type: AMD Athlon II X3 2.9GHz
    HDD: OS=160GB 7200RPM, Storage=2x250GB+1TB, all 7200RPM
    Memory: 2GB DDR3
    Motherboard: ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3
    Video Card: ATI 5450 Crossfire with Motherboard IG: ATI 4250
    Video Card Driver: ATI CCC 10.6 (latest)
    Sound Card: HT Omega Claro PCI (cant use HDMI 1.3a bc tv so darn old!)
    MPEG2 Video Codec: DirectX (utilizing ATI UVD 2.0)
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI (PC)--> DVI (TV) OR HDMI (PC) --> HDMI (Yamaha 765) --> DVI (TV)
    Renderer: VMR9

    I have dual monitors, TV (1080i, old Sony Rear Projection 10 years old lol) is extended from Monitor (1440x900x60hz). I have no stuttering that I notice. I have also patched through Yamaha receiver and no difference that I notice.

    At first I did, when using the MPC codec (default install) which did not utilize video card, just CPU. When I switched to Microsoft DirectX driver, I was able to utilize UVD 2.0 and max out my GPU (95% utilization for HD content). Every now and then I get some stuttering, but I can probably tag that as loss of signal since I have a small antenna and 60 foot trees blocking my direct path (wind makes trees move, causes drop in signal).

    Note: I am using hybrid crossfire, if that actually does anything (lol). I enabled it to test it, but have never turned it off. Therefore, available RAM is actually 1.5GB as I allotted 512mb to the IG. I only use 600-900MB of RAM though.

    Note: You can also set the screen MP starts on in the GUI config...I think its in the general part, once selected, at the bottom. I have mine set here to start on TV all the time. MP is maximized on screen two.

    Good luck to your endeavors

    OH Yeah...I forgot --> I noticed choppy playback with Aero and Transparent glass enabled in Win7...I just figured my VC was not strong enough to process Aero/Glass/HD Content. Therefore, I have both disabled in Win7.


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