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November 28, 2008
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So I finally got around to setting up the release version of MP and I'm doing all the little things I've been skipping over since I didn't want to end up doing them again...

My first complaint has to be with Artist thumbs if you use 'create artist preview thumbs' you get a block of album covers for everything... this is fine for some but its really not what I want. So I was using the info button on my remote and selecting 5 which will load artist information and when you flip out you have an image for the artist, great... but why on earth isn't there a way to edit these in bulk? If I do this for each artist I'm looking at sitting here for like half a day and compared to some people my music collection is small. Oh and since I used 'create artist preview thumbs' it looks like I have to start from scratch if I want to get rid of them...

Please tell me theres a plugin of some kind that resolves the lackings in the Music tab?!


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  • October 9, 2006
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    I'm not sure I get exactly what you're doing, but I think there is an easier way.

    First, it looks like when you chose 'create artist preview thumbs' you must have done that in the music scan part of MPconfig? You'll notice that the dialogue says "Use existing album art to..." then if you select 'create artist preview thumbs' you have told it to make artist art the same as album art.

    If you want to have MediaPortal automatically download all your artist images and link them to the appropriate files, you will want to use the albumart grabber that is included in the and AudioScrobbler plugin set. Enable both of those plugins, then go to the configuration for the one that is listed as a process plugin (I think it's the audioscrobbler one). You will find a tab for downloading albumart. It does take a little while to do all the downloading, but it is fully automated. As long as your files are tagged correctly, you'll get what you need.

    I hope this helps.

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