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July 30, 2006
Iowa, USA

When Switching to Video Overlay, MP seems to force the "Stretch" aspect ratio, instead of keeping the ratio from fullscreen or even from the little preview window. Have not tried with TV. Sequence of events follows

Play Video/DVD in Fullscreen: Displays in user assigned ratio (Good)
Navigate to Home: Little Preview window retains that ratio (Good)
Switch to Video Overlay: Ratio is forced into Stretch (Not Good)
Disable Overlay: Ratio in preview window retains the stretch (Not Good)
Enable Fullscreen Video Again: User defined ratio returns (Good)
Navigate to Home: Preview window again retains the proper ratio (Good)

Can the Video Overlay read user defined settings for aspect ratio and display it properly? 16:9 when stretched on a 4:3 display is horrible. Maybe something like <keepaspectratio>yes</keepaspectratio> since it appears this is what the little preview window does? Is this controlled through the binary or in the skin?


P.S. Can someone tell me how to get MP to run a bat/exe on exit? I'm trying to workout multiuser configurations.


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