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    Hi all

    I currently have a hptc setup nice and well running DTS passthru to an amp(via spdif) and a 42" 1080i plasma(via dvi-hdmi).

    Im interested in buying a new dts-hd ma / truehd amp and 1080p tv.

    For now im asking about sound htpc has only spare pci slots not pci-e slots so the choice seems pretty simple...the only card that can passthru bitstream dts-hd ma and truehd is the Asus Xonar 1.3 /1.3slim..right?

    I've noticed a recent ffdshow ( ffdshow_rev3326_20100319_clsid ) has included, besides normal DTS, added support for dts-hd ma and truehd!

    Is there any problems wih audio sync or video frame drops when combining the graphics card to the sound card then outputting the hdmi to the amp->then to the tv?

    Any nasty suprises?

    Im keen to try this out soon...wondering if anyone had experiences with this setup in MP?

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