ATI HDTV Wonder analog tuner with no sound (1 Viewer)


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December 30, 2005
Hi all,

I'm in the process of selecting a HTPC software and I came accross MediaPortal after playing with Gbpvr, SageTV and BeyondTV.
I like the MediaPortal however I can't get the sound working when using the ATI HDTV Wonder's analog tuner.
The card is configured as "General S/W encoding card" and on the Capture card tab I see this:
TV Capture card: ATI DTV Wonder Analog AV Capture
Audio capture card: SoundMAX Hd Audio I
Line input: Line In

I think that the audio capture is set/detected wrong because the sound should be captured from the ATI DTV Wonder Analog Audio Capture (as listed in the Device Manager). Also, there is no device with such name in my system, the only device with SoundMAX name has number 0 in its name.

All the other programs I have used have the sound working fine so I wonder if anyone can help me get it working in MediaPortal as well.

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