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November 16, 2005
Hi all,

In the setup option for my ATI Theatre 550 pro card the line in option is greyed out. Is there a way of activating this?

If this can be set up, is it then possible to use the line in as a second recording source to record another source (for example the feed from my decorder) at the same time as normal TV?


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  • February 2, 2005
    If you want to try then MP makes this easy(ier).

    Just add the 'composite' and 'svhs' to your TV channels and associaate these with your card and also group (analog !) in the settings.

    Now when you select these when MP is runnng then the 'croassbar' filter input is changed in software now paassing the new source through the card.

    The principle works fine with my AIW cards .

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