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December 2, 2005
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First off, I'll tell the card I am using. It is a Compro VideoMate TV PVR, without FM. It works fine in the bundled software, but I'd like to get it working with this awesome program!

What happens is that when I hit record, manually or let it run off of a schedule, the video and audio dies. I've tried all encoders on the list, and I've got nothing. I do know that the sound (running from the audio out of my tuner and into the line-in of my C-Media 9880 (Intel Azalia compatible)) in the control panel is turning itself down, but not off. For example, I hit record and the video turns to black. The audio stops playing, but it is still enabled and recording... just the volume bar is turned to 0%.

Any ideas? It all plays fine normally, but recording kills the video and mutes the sound. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance! And good job devs, you saved me from buying a new tuner and MCE2005!

EDIT: I have figured out a little bit by playing. I can record video using Microsoft Video 1 and audio using either MP3 or WMA v2. A combination of these results in a file with working video and audio! However, the black screen remains. It records fine, but does not display fine in MP. The sound now plays fine before and during recording, but after I finish the recording, the video comes back and the sound goes back to mute. Gah! I'm getting there, but could use some help if anyone has experinced anything similar!

Thanks again!


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  • December 7, 2004
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    If you are able to select the codec your using, you must have a software card. MP doesnt officially support it in earlier builds (and the problem you are having with the picture disappearing while recording is one of the limitations of a software card) and later builds it wont be supported either.

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