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  • November 8, 2009
    Some of the videos i try to play from Youtube are giving me Audio Codec Error and don't play them. Below is the log.
    Any idea or help would be appreciated.:D

    WindowManager: unroute to MediaPortal.Dialogs.GUIDialogOK:2002->OnlineVideos.GUIOnlineVideos:4755
    2010-01-10 16:01:21.546875 [Info.][MPMain]: Set the stopDownload to true 2
    2010-01-10 16:01:23.734375 [Info.][3]: youtube video url=
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: RefreshRateChanger.AdaptRefreshRate: 'auto refreshrate changer' disabled
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: g_Player.Play( Video)
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: VideoPlayer:play
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.359375 [Info.][MPMain]: OnlineVideosPlayer: Enabling DX9 exclusive mode
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.359375 [Debug][MPMain]: Main: Received DX exclusive mode switch message. Fullscreen && maximized == False
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.406250 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9: added Video Mixing Renderer 9 to graph
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: SetDeinterlacePrefs()
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: Enabled YUV mixing - No DX Error
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VRM9: Turning on nonsquare mixing - No DX Error
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VRM9: Set filter mode - None No DX Error
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: Now active
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: Renderer successfully added
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Info.][MPMain]: DirectShowUtils: First try to insert new audio renderer Default DirectSound Device
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Info.][MPMain]: DirectShowUtils: Found audio renderer
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Debug][MPMain]: DirectShowUtils: added filter:Default DirectSound Device to graph
    2010-01-10 16:01:24.453125 [Info.][MPMain]: added filter:File Source (URL) to graph
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: g_Player: ended
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: VideoPlayer9:cleanup DShow graph
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: Dispose
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: VMR9: Inactive
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9: ReleaseComObject(): 0
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: VideoPlayerVMR9: Exception while cleanuping DShow graph - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MediaPortal.Player.VideoPlayerVMR9.Cleanup()
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: VideoPlayerVMR9: Disabling DX9 exclusive mode
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: Main: Received DX exclusive mode switch message. Fullscreen && maximized == False
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Info.][MPMain]: Updating View State
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: Showing Filter buttons
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: Hiding Search buttons
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.218750 [Debug][MPMain]: Hiding Favorite buttons
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.406250 [Debug][MPMain]: WindowManager: route OnlineVideos.GUIOnlineVideos:4755->MediaPortal.Dialogs.GUIDialogOK:2002
    2010-01-10 16:01:25.437500 [Debug][MPMain]: DialogWindow: MediaPortal.Dialogs.GUIDialogOK init

    i have SAF 2.2 and FLV splitter installed. Most of the videos are being played...


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    June 28, 2009
    United States of America United States of America
    this sounds like the same problem I had..

    are you SURE it says Audio Codec?

    When I get the problem with the missing 't' variable on youtube such as you are, it simply says it cannot play the video and does not mention anything about audio codec.
    Please check again and see what the error says.

    Also, have a look at this thread:

    If this turns out to be your problem, it is an issue with incorrect urls, not a codec issue. (looking at your logs, this seems to be the case)
    Supposedly the issue has been fixed and should be working in the next release.


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  • November 8, 2009
    The Exact message is as below:
    "Unable to play : get_video?video_id=ZXQfztKZ2Pg&t=&fmt=1
    Audio codec:"

    but looking at the wiki you have provided i guess it is the same problem i have. It is annoying to see once in a while the Error message pop-up, would wait for 0.16 then. thanks DreadFury:D


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    June 28, 2009
    United States of America United States of America
    odd, I tried the URLs in your logs and indeed they were invalid, however for me I don't get the audio codec error...

    Here is hoping the new version fixes both of our issues!


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    January 7, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    The t-bug results from Video not being available in all formats. Maybe you guys do not have the same preference in the config? I have HD choosen.


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    June 28, 2009
    United States of America United States of America
    I no longer get the codec error in onlinevideos.

    When I get the error now it simply says "Unable to play : get_video?video_id=XXXXX".
    This is on about 1 in 4 videos I try, from channels/feeds/searches.
    They all result in broken links in the logs.

    I have also tried all settings in the options for quality, all result in the same error for me.
    I believe all codecs are setup correctly now, so nothing left to do but wait ^^.


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  • July 23, 2008
    This wrong Audio Codec Error message is 99.9% caused by broken link.
    I get the error message on every video I try and play. When you say broken link, do you mean the url it's trying to got is wrong or something else?

    I've attached the log file if it helps.

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