Audio only for videos (ripped dvd's) when played from the HD (1 Viewer)

jim tressler

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June 28, 2005
I have a strange problem when playing dvd's from the hard drive - either mounted with daemon tools or straight vob files - I get audio only for the previews / root menu, but the main movie is usually fine.

The intro screen (ie.. paramounts dvd logo or mgm's quick animation) are fine - audio and video, but then I get audio only for the "dont download illegal stuff" and other movie previews, then it goes onto the main movie menu which is also audio only - I can usually hit enter and luckily the movie will start and after a few seconds, the video comes back.. So something is up - not a major problem but pretty much an annoyance.. anyone else have a similar problem?

I have switched codecs - dec2mpg, intervideo, dscaler, nvidia purevideo, even the dvico mpeg2 codec.. all the same thing. If I use an external program - Windows Media Player or Intervideo DVD, then its fine. I have not tested straight dvd's yet, however, burning the files from the hard drive onto a dvd - they play fine in the stand alone dvd player.. so I am pretty sure its a media portal problem.



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