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February 10, 2006
i have 5 min. prerecording time and 5 min after to make sure it record the whole tv program.
When selecting a tv program in the EPG for recording and the program lengt is let say 30 min. then the whole recording will be 40 min. because of the 5min before and 5 min. after..

So my idea is that MP automatik make a bookmark in the recording when the EPG says the program real start time is and another bookmark when the tv program is over, so when i watch the record at a later point it will automatic jump in to the start bookmark and it will display the play time as the time between the start and end bookmark of the recording... this will make the pre- and post recording time hidden.. but there if need

maybe also make a option to starte watching recordings at 20 sec. before the start EPG bookmark...

it is simply to not allways have to press forward on the remote to get 5 min. into every recording..



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April 21, 2005
that would be great! Or like btv (beyondTV) that the recording engine could see when there were big changes in the video stream, and that way make a bookmark that one could skip right to. That would make skipping adds much easyier! :D

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