Automatically stop TimeShifting when stream isn't watched


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April 18, 2008
I'm trying to integrate this plugin in my own website via PHP and the SOAP commands

I can succesfully execute the commands, and start timeshifting. Also stop timeshifting works. But I don't know how to detect wether the user has stoped viewing and that I can stop the timeshifting so another user can view another channel.

Is there an option to automatically stop the timeshift after a period of time where there weren't any users connected to the stream?

Also does somebody know what the SOAP function SendHeartBeat does? I feel this may be used by this, but I can't really figure out what it does...


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    If you use the rtsp url from TvServer then you can't detect it.
    If you use the streamer.aspx page then this is handled automatically. Also a heartbeat is sent.


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    I don't think there is a method for this because the webservice only gives you the link to the rtsp stream, after that it has nothing more to do with the playback.

    You could use the "Streamer.aspx" page which stops timeshifting once the stream is ended (playback stopped).

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