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December 7, 2004
United Kingdom
There is a slight problem in my household since we first stumbled across MediaPortal. Using the TV as a TV is no longer the norm, my g/f and child fight like cat and dog over My Tetris while I'm always trying to read blogs and news through My News. To try and overcome this and restore the TV to its rightful task I've written a plugin that launches fullscreen TV in the background on startup.

The plugin can be found here. I have no interest in developing this plugin any further so you can get the source from here if you wish to change the behaviour of the plugin.

It is not possible to immediately start TV via a plugin, that's something that would require changes to the app itself and something I'm sure the devs will implement when the time comes. One of the latter calls in the startup process starts the recording engine which caused problems in an earlier version of the plugin, besides, for me recording should get priority so I left it alone. Bear this in mind when specifying a delay (see next below).

The following can be used in mediaportal.xml to specify this delay and specify the default channel:

  <section name="mytv">
    <entry name="backgroundchannel">Sky News</entry>
    <entry name="backgrounddelay">5</entry>

The default delay is 15 seconds, values can be 1 thru 90. If no default channel is specified then it uses the last selected channel. If the last selected channel is not specified then the plugin does not attempt to start showing TV. You do not need to add the above to mediaportal.xml to use the plugin.

The plugin is a process plugin so should be extraced to your plugins\process folder.

And finally, has it solved the problem? Nope!!! :oops:


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January 29, 2005
Halle (Saale)
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Germany Germany
Great plugin! That's what I've been waiting for...

Although it would be even better, if one could start MP in TV mode immedeatly...


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March 17, 2005
Hawkeye said:
Great plugin! That's what I've been waiting for...

Although it would be even better, if one could start MP in TV mode immedeatly...

This is something I would love to see as well! Then a quick click of a button brings you back to the MP menu so you can navigate as normal.


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December 13, 2004
Great Plulgin !

And Smirnoff, I know , you have no interest in developing this plugin any further, but I can´t help and have to ask you for a change.
I´d love to start a movie ( any recorded show or any other video on my HDD ) wenn starting MP.

I already tried to change your code in that way, but I can´t compile the changed files.

So here are the things I´d love to get:
First: A plugin that play a video in background.
Second: A discription of how to change your plugin and compile it.

Thank you so much for writing great plugins, I already used your backround plugin with bloating effect and loved that one aswell.



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August 30, 2004
As a slight side note, I think a resume function would be great. If the machien was playing a radio station or a mp3 when it gets shut down, it would resume when it gets started up.

What do you think?

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