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November 9, 2005
OK, I'm sure i just have a setting messed up somewhere, but i can't get the new release (RC2) to work for any live tv. I even uninstalled and went back to RC1 and still nothing. When I am initialy setting up MP and go to install my video card it gives me the option with the AverMedia M150 of either S/W card or H/W card (even though my understanding is that it's a H/W card). Has anyone had any success setting up this card with either version of MP? I found a strain that talked about the CaptureCardDefinitions.xml file but even after inserting the code he had it didn't work. What are the various codec settings (since there are a lot of options) that people have found work best with the M150?


Remote: MCE (Europe)
MP Version: RC1 OR 0.2 RC2 (tried both)
Skin: mce
Windows Version: xp pro; sp2
CPU Type: amd 3000+
Memory: 1gig
Motherboard Chipset: don't know
Video Card: radeon 7000
Video Card Driver: ATI
Video Card Resolution: 800x600
Video Render Type: Overlay
Video Codec Type & Version: video mixing renderer 9 - windowless
Audio Codec Type & Version: can't read it well on my screen. It's the last one on the list of 4. Starts out with "mpeg..."
TV Card: AverMedia m150
TV Card Type: hardware
TV Card Driver: driver version you used for testing
Optional Log: parts of the "/log/MediaPortal.log" which show an issue
Optional References: any reference [/url]

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