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September 7, 2004
Hi all,

After a few attempts with TVengine 3.0 and lots of problems with timeshift and change channels issues, I'm back to engine 2.0

But now, I can't figure out how to drive my STB through MP. I configured all channels as external, with the good channel number, coming through SVHS input on my TV card (PVR150). I'm using a MCE remote, and when I change channel, nothing happens on the STB, IR commands are not transmitted to the STB receiver (channel changes in MP interface but not on the STB)

I installed IR server suite, but I still can't find how to configure this, nor where to test it, like I used to do in TVserver 3.0.

Can anybody help ?

Sorry if the question was already asked, I searched but couldn't find any answer except for using MCE replacement driver, which I thought was not necessary anymore with IR Server suite.

Thanks in advance for your help



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    There are a few options for changing channels on an STB in TV Engine 2:

    MCE Replacement Plugin (not necessarily MCE Replacement Driver)
    IR Server Suite (TV2 Blaster Plugin)
    HIP, Girder, EventGhost, etc...

    Did you have IR Blasting working in TV Engine 3?

    If so, how?

    If you used the TV3Blaster plugin that is part of IR Server Suite then you should be able to setup the TV2Blaster plugin exactly the same. MCE Replacement Plugin is very similar too.

    Try reading some of the posts in the MCE Replacement Plugin forum (that's where the info for IR Server Suite is too) and check out the documentation for IR Server Suite too.

    If you're using the PVR 150 blaster (not a proper Microsoft blaster) then you might have trouble... MCE Replacement Plugin and IR Server Suite are not designed to work with the PVR150.

    Hope that helps,


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    September 7, 2004
    Thanks a lot and-81 !

    I can't believe I didn't notice the process plugin called TV2 blaster at the very bottom of the plugins list...Getting old I guess ;-)

    I just set it up like I did with TV3 blaster before and voila !

    All clear, channels are changing on the STB...

    Still a few glitches to fix here and there (like importing MCE EPG into Mediaportal, almost working now) and I will be a happy MP user again.

    Many thanks for your help and for the great IR server suite.


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