[Battlefield2-Video] =FEAR= Fun with AH-1 (1 Viewer)


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  • December 26, 2004
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    =FEAR= Fun with AH-1

    Today i finished our fun video "=FEAR= Fun with AH-1".

    Why have we done this video:
    At first i should tell you that everything you seen in the main movie shows actual gameplay from me (=FEAR= sid6.5) and my brother (=FEAR= Wilson-Wilson) on various ranked Battelfield 2 servers.
    There is one scene, where i did a roll with the AH-1 and nearly crashed into the water. After the this match we looked if BAttlerecorded was turned on to check that out. We both loved it, and so i created a short video of this manouver. After that we decided to extened that short scene and we were looking for ranked servers which had the Battlerecorded active. And vers shortly the video started to grow and grow :)

    The "must have tools" for me were:

    When you use Battlerecorder files from ranked servers, then you might run into one slight issue (like we did).
    Most servers are using Quality Settings between 5-7. Which means that you will see slight stutter in the movement of the Vehicles and Players :(

    The Video:

    • Resolution: 800x500
    • Duration: 11min:35sec
    • Filesize: 205MB

    I guess some of you might wonder why i choose stage6 as host with their divX format instead of youtube.
    youtube is quite "funny", but i realy do not like the imagequality the videos have/get there.

    At stage6 i can upload my created avi (divX) and this version will be streamed and be available for dowload. No changes which decrease the quality somehow :D

    --> WatchNow <--

    We hope that you enjoy the video!!!! :)


    alternative download by Swiss Chief --download--


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    December 12, 2005
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    Damn, looks like you really put a lot of effort into this. Impressive.
    I like the flip above the water and the end scene with "The weapon of choice" in the background. Real funny :)

    I've played BF2 quite a lot before I switched to Linux. I was mostly flying the AH-1. One of the (14) people I live with was my standard co-pilot. It can be a good thrill when you're a trained team and everything is going like a clockwork.

    To bad it doesn't run on Linux yet.


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  • April 7, 2005
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    he, he....
    € 115,- looks damn cheap.
    Well, it is :) Of all Coaxial-Helis the E-Sky Lama V3 (around the same price) provides the best quality. For indoor practice I am still flying mine for months now.

    but with that doublerotor it looks like the rus. Hokum :D
    There are some scale kits turning your "simple" helicopter e.g. into one of the Hokums, an UH-1, Airwolf, etc... :D

    The DRAGONFLY 60 looks pretty cool.
    The Dragonfly Helis are cheap plastic stuff from china. You might get a good one but more likely it will have shortcomings. Also DF uses non-standard radio components. (The other models (like the Lama) can be flown with _every_ 4 channel radio controller)

    If you want to spend this amount of money you should consider this model:
    Cheap parts, high availability for replacements, the dealer can "adjust" it for first flight practice, etc.

    The recommended way however is buying one of those indoor Coaxials for ~120 EUR and see if you like that. If you got infected by the helicopter virus you might want to fly really fast outside even when there is some wind. At this stage it's better to skip the small 300 EUR models and go for the largest one you can effort. Spending 600-800 EUR pays for sure as those will be much easier to fly and therefore crash less often ;)

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