Best Australian Duel HD TV Tuner Card? (1 Viewer)


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January 27, 2009
Hi guys

Well my wife has cracked it big time.

My Leadtek Single Tuner card 1000T has a few problems. Both XP and Vista they sometimes don't find the card on bootup of the HTPC. I change PCI slots changed drivers upgraded MB BIOS everything. When it boots up it's fine if windows finds the tv tuner card but at times it takes 20 boots to find it. I think I got a faulty card.

I really seek advice on a good duel tuner card that people, in Australia, are having close to problem free with them. There must be something good out there with decent driver support and 100% compaitble with MP.

Any ideas? We will be both very greatful for any help.

I did a quick search and Dvico Fusion HDTV have a good reputation for us aussies?

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