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August 27, 2007
Netherlands Netherlands
I have decided to start building a HTPC. I have limited room available for the case however, so my choses are somewhat limited. The maximum height is just above 15cm.
I had set my eyes on the Antec Fusion v2, since i have read very good reviews about the sound it produces and the cooling system. I also want to be able to place at least 2 HD's and one DVD-writer. However, i read many negative stories about the display and this kind of scares me away. I would really love to have a display, but it has to be readable and functional in MP, which this display supposedly does not support.

So my basic question is, what is a good alternative for this case?


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December 10, 2007
Denmark Denmark
Well, I have a few favorites.

I tend to always look at OrigenAE (A bit pricy) or Silverstone, those 2 brands are my all time favorites really. But I have a tendency to use SFF cases (cubes) at the moment, like the Silverstone SUGO.

Regarding the sound level, bare in mind that a bigger fan (80/120mm) are able to cool better and don't need as many rpms as small fans, therefore producing less noise.

OrigenAE S-series of cases are absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. Silverstone makes a bunch of nice cases aswell, just keep in mind the slimmer you go the more trouble you'll have using expansion cards if you want to add those.


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November 24, 2007
antec v2

Im also looking at this case. (antec v2) im just worried that i wont be able to fit 2 hdd in it as well as a decent video card, sound card, mATX moboard.

anyone out there got this case?

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