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May 31, 2004
As I have a great Panasonic plasma screen, I´ld like to have a great picture quality. The screen has almost any available plugs, except DVI. So what are your experiences as best connection type?

At the moment I plugged it using the VGA, but I have flickering on the screen and can´t find the best settings to fix this. Also the VGA plug is on the front of the TV.

Maybe there is any good VGA -> ? connection?

My card is a ATI Radeon 9600 with VGA, TV-Out and DVI.


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  • April 27, 2004
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    best i think would have been DVI. Connection from digital to digital. Bad if your Plasma has "only" analog-in. That is the part where the manufactures do not spend money. :? What i cannot understand...

    What about the S-Video Out of your card? It should work well, i think.

    You could also take a look into the tipps an tricks section. There is a VGA->Scart cable solution. That works quite well on my system, but i only have a small "normal" TV. :).



    you can also try adjusting the vertical refresh rate , try starting at 60 Hz then going up and see if the flicker will go away, to get to refresh rate it should be in display properties->settings->advanced->monitor then there should be a combobox with different rates, there are also I tihnk specialized druivers for ATI cards that will give you control like powerstrip for free, if the refresh rate doesnt work id look around the net for custom ATI drivers, probly find them at some overclocking websites


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    May 31, 2004
    Wow, thanks a lot for your answers!

    Ok, lets sort them a bit:

    The ATI shop only delivers inside US, not outside, so unfortunately, this solution isn´t possible. On the german site I found a third party shop with a similar adapter.

    I tried to set all possible and impossible refresh rates using MultiRes. It helped nothing.

    Also some Omega drivers didn´t help. I´m almost sure it depends on the cable. So I´ll try now a DVI->VGA adapter and another VGA cable (both here). I both doesn´t help, I´ll buy this DVI2HDTV adapter.

    Thanks a lot for your tipps!!

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