Best Mini-atx mobo with onboard video? MSI RS480M2-IL ? (1 Viewer)


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September 27, 2005
I am looking at getting a MSI RS480M2-IL mobo for a silverstone LC11-m case although i have read that the onboard graphics may struggle with some aspects of MP.

Does anyone know if the MSI RS480M2-IL is the best mini-atx card with onboard graphics at the moment, or if not what other options would i have.



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  • February 16, 2005
    I have also been looking at this board, but have since found another possibly better option. Jetway have released one too which also contains 32Mb of onboard video ram. The MSI board has no onboard ram and must use system ram, which makes it slower.
    The Jetway board also has support for Cool and Quiet whereas the MSI board doesn't. Here is a link for Aussies...

    If you goole there are a couple of discussion forums where people talk about this board for games and HTPC uses.

    I have also read that nVidia are bringing out a new chipset that will feature a built in 6200 graphice card that is totally geared for HTPC use with native HD outputs and the like. Check out here...

    I don't think any of these boards are available just yet, but I am pretty sure this is what my next MP upgrade will be to. The specs for the 6150 look sweeeet :)


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    September 18, 2005
    I have looked on this card for a while but they have stopt selling it in sweden
    A new card witch takes MSI RS480M2-IL place has the name MSI RS482M4-ILT or something and should be better
    start selling in 9 days...a bit of waiting....

    the Jetway can't be used in my HTPC anyway because of the PCI port is not place after the mATX standard so my pci raiser doesn't work


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  • April 7, 2005
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    I'm a glad owner of the msi rs480!
    As many other people complaining too the onboard realtek sound isn't perfect for AC3 but the inbuilt graphics is superb and provides an energy saving, quiet solution for an HTPC.

    btw: Cool&Quite worked like a charm since ever.. (bought it with Bios 3.3)


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    September 27, 2005
    Thanks for your replies guys.

    Thats excellent news about the cool'n'quiet and the onboard video.

    The ram on the jetway sounds great buy I think the jetway board will not work in a lc11-m case due to the layout of the pci slots.

    Cant find much info on the RS482M4-ild (in english!!) but i'll keep looking.........

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