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January 2, 2006
Hello all, am still playing around with MP and was jsut wondering if there was a set of instructions on the best way to install it, fer example do I install a fresh install of windows, then all my drivers, then >Net framework then MP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Oh, what is CVS?



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  • November 14, 2004

    AFAIK there are no fixed instructions to prepare your system for an installation with MP. I think the requirements page on the homepage is sufficient. But, yeah that sounds like a good way. After preparing your system, walk through the requirements page and you should be fine.

    CVS stands for Concurrent Versioning System. It's allows developers to work concurrently on the same source code and avoids conflicting changes. It also keeps track of all (previous) versions of a particular file. You generally don't have to worry about that. 99% of the time this term is used, one refers to binary snapshots which are taken from that system. These snapshots allows end users to easily check out what's being worked on at the MP source code. You can download these binay CVS snapshots from Be warned before you start out with that though, because those daily builds can (and at some point will) break your MediaPortal installation. Before you start out with it, be sure you know how to backup your current install before trying it out. Read the instructions on that page carefully, before trying them.

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