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  • April 27, 2004
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    myMusic and myVideos.

    Currently the handling and usage of CDs and DVDs is a bit inconsistent. We have in myMusic and myVideos an eject button. But only in myVideo we have a "play DVD" button. In myMusic we have to add the CD / DVD Drive to the shares, in myVideo not (but we can, this works well with DVDs). I like the option off adding the drives to the shares.

    So what i think would be great:

    - remove eject and "play DVD" buttons from myVideos
    - remove eject button from myMusic
    - the user has to add the desired drive(s) to his shares
    - when he selects a drive in MP and hits ok a dialogbox appears which asks him:
    "Play CD /DVD"
    "Eject Drive"

    I think this would be really nice. :) But this is just my humble opinion.

    Keep up the great work!


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    June 20, 2004
    And when we are talking about DVD playback, if i'm not mistaken MediaPortal plays DVD's from harddisk like normal videofiles (.ifo) and not like DVD's.

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