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October 26, 2004
Hi, good work up until now, guys!

I'm having some troubles with the recorded TV list. I have a 200GB HDD so I wind up with plenty of recordings.

- When you have watched a recording it doesn't seem to re-sort the listings according to the way you have selected.
- Having multiple recorded shows, some old and some new makes the interface less than good for finding that specific recording

The following is a recommendation of which features the TV "library" could benefit from having:
- View big icons, small icons and list like in the movies section.
- Make the sorting method stick and more intuitive.
- A search feature
- Making and moving recordings to subfolders / tag a recording with categories.
- Moving the channel gfx to the right, and replacing it with a grab-once-and-store-it-as-JPG movieframe from the recording, say halfway through (yes I know it might be black or a commercial but it would look good. OR: random place in the file with a choice of re-grabbing)

I know this is a lot of work, and I would like to offer my help, but unfortunately I only know how to code for web use :)

(If you need help coding a webinterface for TV guide let me know)

Greets, Rybber

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