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November 27, 2004
I use USBUIRT and I am unable to switch to channels with 3 digits directly. The highest I can go is 99.

When I enter channel 123 with my remote the result is that MP switches to channel 12 and then to 3.

I have to assume that this is the way MP works because I've posted for help but got no response.


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November 27, 2004

Hi Frodo,

Thank you so much for your reply. :D

Yes, I will definitely do what ever I can to help.

I look forward to working with you.



I do have a USBUIRT, and what's more, I have similar problems.
I can only get single digit channels to work.

I think the issue is actually to do with the fact that the USBUIRT code uses a fixed repeatCount of 1, which in the USBUIRT API basically means the equivalent of a very quick button press. Also there is no delay between button presses.

Another problem I have is that my remote is one of those that sends different codes for consecutive presses of the same button.

So, anyway, I've downloaded the code and started improving the USBUIRT setup section to address all of these problems.

I've got most of the code and UI done, I just need to debug (I'm getting exceptions so I need to go back to that how-to that tells me how to debug).
The features/fixes I now have coded include:

UI and settings:
- better layout of the UI
- setting for button holdcount (repeat count)
- setting for button press delay

Learning interaction:
- added messages to press, then hold (with elipses as progress indicator) and release each button. Before it would only tell you to press, then you would have no idea it was finished.
- added a timeout so if you do nothing it aborts and tells you its aborting. Before this it would simply hang
- added a test to see if the USBUIRT is actually working and a message if it isn't. Before this it would simply cycle rapidly through the buttons.
- added messages to tell you the learning process is starting and has finished

Multicode remotes:
- added mechanism to store 2 IR codes per button and to use alternative code when using same button twice consecutively (e.g. for channels 11, 22, etc).
- added UI interaction to learn "0" twice, then compare the values learnt, then continue to learn only one code per button or two if necessary.

Now if someone could tell me (or point me to the posts)
a) how to get this thing in debug mode
b) whats the deal with these missing dlls for sqllite
c) how to submit my changes


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  • April 22, 2004
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    for debugging:
    copy every file&folder from the release/ folder to the debug folder
    BUT dont overwrite postbuild.bat

    then in VS.NET choose build configuration from the build menu
    and choose debug

    next in your case
    goto to solution explorer
    find the 'mediaportal configuration' subproject
    right click and choose 'set as startup project'
    now you should be able to debug



    While you have the code open could you look into having it ask to train other functions such as those hnadled by the MCE Remote? If I recall correctly the USBUIRT training sequence is just the basics (up, down, righ tleft, numbers, etc).

    It would be nice if the USBUIRT training procedure allowed us to fully replicate the MCE Remote (buttons for TV, DVD, etc.)


    I was kind of avoiding the "internal" commands part. For some reason that code uses a different learning process.
    But I'll have a look at that too now.
    I do have an MCE remote, but I have an MCE receiver/blaster as well, and was using the builtin MCE remote support (though it would be nice if that were configurable).

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for the debugging tips frodo.

    What about the sqllite messages I get when I run?


    How's it going Rhubarb? I was just going to do this improvement to the USBUIRT interface myself, but I read this thread and saw you had already implemented much of what I thought of. So I'm curious - when will you release it?


    Had it on the backburner while I was working on other stuff. (Got a plugin working to change channels on my STB from MCE through USBUIRT)

    I'll get back on to this and should have something in a couple of days.

    The thing that was blocking me was improving the learning process so that it would tell you to release the button after learning it and would wait until you did. I posted on the USBUIRT site and according to John Rheese, there's no easy way to do this.

    Anyway wont be long now. If I make little or no progress by the end of the week, I can send you the code if you like.

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