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October 26, 2004

Ever since the new TV engine was introduced in I and others have had problems using it. Using the recorded programs feature frequently crashes MP (in VMR9) or halts it (using overlay). Seems like there is some compatability issue sharing/switching live tv preview with recorded programs. The hanging usually occurs when stopping/starting a recorded show where MP switches between TV preview and fullscreen playback.

The reason why I believe this is, that I have setup a movie share of my TV recordings folder, and playing my recordings from there is 100% trouble free.

The only new thing I did was to install SHSPVR's drivers for my PVR-350 since I had the pixelization issue in (which they fixed).

I have made a post about my problems in bug reports, but it wasn't answered or questioned :?

For me, it seemed like the old TV engine (of was more stable, and I could throw anything at both VMR9 and overlay without issues.

Is this being noticed by anybody else?


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  • April 22, 2004
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    A lot has allready been done to the TV code.
    And a lot has allready been fixed,

    It's pretty normal for a new system to be unstable when introduced.
    it will be fixed don't worry.

    COme to #mediaportal for some direct chatting about this issue.
    We can send you a test build etc etc to see if it is ok now.

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