Black Glass Nova Mod: "Ken-Burns-Effect" (Backdrop Zoom & Slide)

Discussion in 'Black Glass' started by red_zebra, June 26, 2011.

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    I was using X-factor-Skin for a long time, now I switched to Black Glass Nova, which is much more faster and "complete" than X-Factor (as in X-Factor some sections appear somehow abandonded, i.e. My Emulators, Shoutcast or Global Music Search). The only thing I was missing in Black Glass Nova was the so-called "Ken-Burns-Effect" of Backdrops and Fanarts, which imho gives the whole software a substantially more "elegant" look (it's like a camera fades over and zooms into the backdrop, so it's not static and fullscreen anymore, but always on the move). So I implemented the code from cul8er (Author of X-Factor) to the respective files in Black Glass Nova.

    For implementing the effect in music section just download the attached files and replace their original equivalents in the Black Glass Nova-folder (better safe them first). These two files will include the effect for every music-fanart in playlist-screen and in music-playing-now-screen. The backdrop within the music menu (the screen where you can navigate through the folder-structure) remains static (at least as long as there is no fanart for the folder available).

    For including the effect in Basic Home Screen you have to add the following codelines in BasicHome_Backdrops.xml. You have to do this for every <control>-Section severally. When creating a new Basic Home with the Basic Home Editor all changes are lost, so you have to add the code after generating your Basic Home Screen with the Editor. The code to add is written in green, the code to delete is written in red:

    Note: I am using Black Glass Nova Skin v1.4.0 with MediaPortal v1.1.2 - I do not know if it works flawlessly with other versions of Black Glass Nova and/or MediaPortal...


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