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    The skin is based on Blue3Wide and Theatre skins and supports native 1280x720 resolution.

    The skin is designed to be used mainly from the BasicHome screen.

    • 1.5.1 - 11/10/2009 - Fixed issues in OSD and Infoservice Temperature display.
    • 1.5.0 - 09/10/2009 - Major redesign of TV and Video OSD, now it supports A/V Delay, Subtitles management and more. Added support for fanart in MusicSongs, MusicGenres, MusicPlaying, MyLyrics, MusicPlaylist, Video and VideoTitles sections (thanks to ysmp). Added support for: MyTorrents, Sleep Control and MediaSlayer (thanks to -Manfred-) plugins. Reworked gfx and facadeview for Tv Recordings, MyVideos, MyVideoTitles, MyMusic. New sound scheme. Added Infoservice's Current Temperature in right upper corner. Little enhancements in: Moving Pictures details (added movie rating), paused osd gfx, in BasicHome (big font alignment). Fixed bugs in: DVD/drive select dialog (thanks to -Manfred-), TvSeries genres view (thanks to ChriZ), MyLyrics LRC submit status text (thanks to Mackey).
    • 1.4.0 - 02/10/2009 - Installation Package split in two parts: Basic Skin and Extras. Reworked paused Video/TV OSD (added time, channel and show infos. Added forward, rewind and pause gfxs). Completely reworked support for HTPCInfo plugin version 0.7.0. Added support for: TVGemist, Arcsoft player (thanks to mr viggo), MyPrograms,, My Emulators plugins. New sound scheme. Enlarged myHome central panel. Fixed bugs in: TvMiniguide in FortheRecord (thanks to vuego), spinning waiting animation (thanks to mr viggo). Added new mat123's TVSeries simplified layout. Many little enhancements: listview titles, folder brackets (thanks to grabi_2001), TVSeries Season filmstrip title (thanks to mr viggo).
    • 1.3.0 - 26/09/2009 - Added Red, Green and Yellow Themes. Added support for For the Record (thanks to vuego for inspiration) and Infoservice+Webbrowser (Only rss news. Now this is the default rss news plugin in basichome screen) plugins. Added Global Search shortcuts in music screen (Thanks to chalibali). Major redesign of MyFilms skin files. Little enhancements in: TvSeries (thanks to mat123 for his simplified episode view, now included in "Alternative Layouts" folder), Showtimes.
    • 1.2.0 - 21/09/2009 - Major redesign of MovingPictures and Tvseries screens. Added support for HtpcInfo plugin. Enhanced BasicHome source psd file. Small touches to TvGuide and Rating Dialog. Fixed bugs in: TVHome (Thanks to zunixnuz), Shoutcast (Thanks to efla), MovingPictures Details (Thanks to Steffen78).
    • 1.1.3 - 17/09/2009 - Added support for Shoutcast Directory Plugin. Added BasicHome source so that you can customize your own basichome screen. Minor fixes.
    • 1.1.2 - 05/09/2009 - Added support for Global Music Search Plugin. Some changes in facadeview to support MediaPortal 1.1 beta. Fixed bugs in: Recorded TV (thanks to els), Showtimes (thanks to Nephilim), MovingPictures Details (thanks to mat123), Weather (thanks to els), Video Osd (thanks to -Manfred-).
    • 1.1.1 - 01/09/2009 - MyHome Mod: new home screen with new hover backgrounds. TvSeries Mod: simplified and full info support. Fixed bugs in: MyLyrics (thanks to Jammyz), Tv Logos Osd (thanks to ChriZ), CommonInterface Menu (thanks to morpheus_xx), VideoInfo screen (thanks to -Manfred-) and recordedTV screen. Reworked graphics to reduce footprint.
    • 1.1.0 - 27/08/2009 - Added support for: MyFilms, MyTrailers, RadioTime. Completed support for MyVideos (thanks to mamachan). Completely revamped Dialogs (thanks to morpheus_xx and ChriZ). Fixed several issues in: MyLyrics (thanks to mackey), Weather (thanks to morpheus_xx), Volume Osd, Tv section. Speeded up transitions between screens (thanks to morpheus_xx and ChriZ).
    • 1.0.1 - 23/08/2009 - Full support for MP-Tv Series plugin. Corrected major bug with MP-Tv series logos. Minor changes to MovingPictures, TV Guide. Updated some gfx files (thanks to Spragleknas's report). Updated DialogVideoInfo.xml (thanks to Cressari's report). Many little tweaks. Updated Gfx for Full Black Mod. Updated Extension screen.
    • 1.0.0 - 21/08/2009 - 100% Compliant MP 1.1.0 alpha Release. Corrected played title color in MP-TV Series (thanks to dlarge500's report). Corrected problem with black numbers hard to see in sudoku (thanks to dlarge500's report) Corrected many other little bugs. Enhanced overlays and MusicPlaying Screens.
    • RC4 - 19/08/2009 - Added preliminary support for MyLyrics, MyShowtimes, OnlineVideos and StreamRadio plugins. Corrected music visualization bug in music overlay (thanks to bloasfist). Corrected many other little bugs. MusicPlaying, MyLastFm screens enhanced.
    • RC3 - 17/08/2009 - Corrected Left sliding menu bug (thanks to dlarge500's report).
    • RC2 - 17/08/2009 - Added support for Sudoku, Tetris, Burner, Alarm and Video Editor.

    The skin surely contains bugs/design-flaws and I encourage you to report all bugs you encounter in this thread!

    • One major issue I could not resolve: when displaying playlists, the backgrounds of the items in the playlist are missing. Please help me!
    • Sometimes in facadeview with small and large icons right upper title could be cut at the bottom (see this post thanks to Els). This issue does not occur in MP 1.1.0 beta.

    • Copy the "Sansation_Regular.ttf" font-file to your Windows font-catalog. You'll find this catalog in your Windows Controlpanel.
    • Copy the "Black Glass" folder to your MediaPortal skin-folder.
    • Purge your Mediaportal "Cache" folder.

    • Moving Pictures
    • MP-TV Series
    • RSS news
    • Wikipedia
    • Weather
    • Sudoku
    • Tetris
    • Burner
    • Alarm
    • Video Editor
    • MyLyrics
    • MyStreamradio
    • OnlineVideos
    • ShowTimes
    • MyFilms
    • MyTrailers
    • RadioTime
    • Global Music Search
    • Shoutcast directory
    • HTPCInfo
    • For The Record
    • InfoService + WebBrowser (only rss news)
    • TVGemist
    • Arcsoft player
    • MyPrograms
    • My Emulators
    • My Torrents
    • MediaSlayer
    • Sleep Control


    Different skin colour themes. Included colours: Black, Blue (Default), Red, Green and Yellow.

    New and previous sound schemes.

    Myhome screen with changing hover backgrounds. I've created a selection of 14 backgrounds.

    Some alternative MovingPictures and TvSeries layouts.

    Photoshop file that lets you customize your own Basic Home Screen.
    A step by step howto is included.



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    Hi and welcome to the forum, Tgx :)

    Great first post - great pics! Mock-ups or "the real thing"?


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    I just hope that this flow of great skins wont dry up just yet. Looking good, mate!



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  • January 7, 2005
    Hi and welcome! It's always nice to see new members, especially when they bring something with them to the party :)


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    very nice, i like black glass styles and he is simple and nice to see.

    i wait for the style to test this.:D


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    This looks good! Welcome to the skinner´s world! And :D


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    I've just uploaded some other screenshots.

    I will soon release the first version of the skin...
    Tomorrow i'm going to work all day long, so i'm planning to upload the skin on sunday.

    I've completed the development of the main plugins.

    I plan to soon support plugins like:

    - Showtimes
    - Onlinevideos
    - StreamRadio

    But i've not started the development of these plugins yet!

    Thanks to everybody!


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