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    Hi All

    I've just released V7.1.0 of BleazleWide (June 14th 2009). As ever my aim is to give MY :) MediaPortal system a professional, minimalist look, but with some animations to add interest. As I've said before everyone has a different idea of what a "professional look" is and this is just mine but I think it looks great on my 50" plasma :)

    The original inspiration for BleazleWide came from the once hot (but now dead)Foofaraw skin but it's based on the latest version of Blue3Wide which makes it compatible with most plugins (see the included README file). Since I first started working on this skin I've also taken some layout ideas and a couple of graphics from another great skin, Monochrome, after all why re-invent the wheel right? Thanks to Psycho Reptile & Harley for the efforts they've put into their respective skins.

    BleazleWide V7.1.0 works with MP 1.0.1 & 1.0.2 and is available here: MEDIAPORTAL - free media center - BleazleWide V7.1.0

    This post is kept up to date with current screenshots + plugin support info (scroll past the pics). IMPORTANT!!: If you install any of the supported Plugins AFTER you install this skin DON'T select the "BleazleWide" skin if you're given the option during installation because this will overwrite the included file and the plugin won't work :( See the included README file for more details...

    Comments on V7.1.0 start from this post (saves reading the out of date stuff):

    I hate it when skins don't have previews so here are a stack for you to look at! All of the logos at the top left fade/slide-in and make the skin what it is. Here's a short clip of the skin/home screen: YouTube - BleazleWide

    Basic Home


    My Music - Akon playing...

    Music - With a CD Playing

    Music-Big Icons View

    MyMusic - Fanart option

    Currently playing (Akon...)

    Search Music Plugin

    MyVIdeos - small icons

    MyVideos, Shares view, FanArt option selected

    MyVideos - Filmstrip View (hey, there's Akon again!)

    MyPics - Filmstrip (Yeah, I was still listening to Akon...)

    TV Guide

    Recorded TV (this is a screenshot of the ForTheRecord 1.4 plugin recorded TV screen)

    My Pics - Small Icons View

    Plugins Home....

    TVSeries Plugin...

    MovingPictures Plugin...

    (Movie) ShowTimes plugin...

    MyFilms plugin

    MyFilms plugin - details screen

    Settings screen with DriveSpace plugin enabled

    MP dashboard (SystemInfo Plugin) + Drive Free Space Plugin

    Plugin Support Info (for Version 7.1.0)

    These plugins are currently supported as noted. If you use any other Plugins you should be OK as long as Blue3Wide supports them, just read the README file included with the skin....

    - ForTheRecord V1.4
    - Mp TVSeries Make sure you are running the latest version
    - Moving Pictures As above
    - MP dashboard (system info) + Drive Free Space
    - Radiotimes
    - Search Music
    - MyFilms v4.8.0
    - Last.FM/Audio Scrobbler
    - Wikipedia
    - Mastermind
    - Tetris
    - Sudoku
    - My Alarm
    - My Burner
    - RSS News Feed
    - Video Editor
    - Shoutcast
    - MediaSlayer
    - MyHexxagon (you need the latest version - get it from here:

    What's new in Version 7.1.0?

    - TVGuide - fixed small font in description
    - ForTheRecord V1.4 files are included by default - you have to be running this version of 4TR now
    - LiveTV screen - fixed TV on/off toggle button
    - Movie Info screen logo graphics fixed
    - SysInfo - Horizontal bar (was too wide) fixed
    - TVSeries - List Banner View - moved the banner to the bottom right of the screen
    - TVSeries - darkened the overlay slightly to allow easier reading of programme info etc
    - Music/Pics/Videos etc - removed "[ ]" from the currently selected item title (top right of screen)
    - Music & Videos - Added "Current View" information (eg. "shares" "playlist" etc)
    - Added support for MediaSlayer
    - Added hover image for mvids
    - Added support for Shoutcast
    - Changed backgrounds in TVGuide, RecordedTV (4TR, not the standard MP plugin), and all filmstrip views
    - Changed "icons" and "big icons" views in Music & Pics
    - Added "Playlist" logo to Music and Videos playlist screens
    - Added splashscreen

    That's about it. Feel free to offer any suggestions for improvements - I'm not saying I'll do it but I'm always open to new ideas :D

    And finally, thanks to Cressari, Cuitlahac, eetaylog, petrovice & Spaldo for testing V7 out - they are completely responsible for any errors found! :D



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    June 2, 2007
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    wow 24 hours and no replies!

    everyone else must be as happy as i was, and didn't want to close mp to be stuck infront of windows again.


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  • April 16, 2009
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    Thanks a lot Bleazle. Great looking skin. Yet more fun with MediaPortal because of it.


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    August 1, 2008
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    Hi looks great.
    Though i seem to be missing 4_TRTVGuide.xml and is there any way to change to font size in MYTelevision as its coming up very small ?



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    November 6, 2007
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    one question:

    Is the myLyrics-plugin also supported? If not, could it be done?



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  • July 8, 2008
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    ... And here's one suggestion from me:

    Is it only me and my eyes are getting weak? :confused:

    I would like to have a slightly bigger font in EPG screen's scrolling info text (see pic below).

    But if I'm the only one who is short sighted (and whose tv screen has only 32" and not 80" ;) ) I could edit the referring XML myself (I just need a little hint where to edit what).

    And as I see now, there's a second red "recording" sign on the lower right (behind the info text). I thinks that's not necessary and could be removed. the red dot on the top left of the screen is enough.




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  • October 29, 2008
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    reffering xml is mytvguide.xml

    <!-- ***** Programme Info positioning at the bottom of the screen *************************** -->
    <description>Current program title</description>
    <description>Current program time</description>


    <!-- ***** Programme Info positioning at the bottom of the screen ENDS *************************** -->

    REPLACE 104 with 103. so i got bigger font down there in description. i dont know anything in xml-programming, but i tried cause in fonts.xml theres is no font 104, just 101 and 103.

    EDIT: SORRY, not 103, its 101

    Cheers // Stefan


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  • July 8, 2008
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    Thanks for that hint Stefan,

    changed it to font103 as you suggested and nearly fell from the couch. :D
    That was much too big, even for me ;)

    But when I changed it to font101 everything seemd to be ok. That's the same size as programm schedule in the EPG and that's ok for me. I think if font104 doesn't exist as you say, MP uses some smaller standard font instead. Now with font101 it's ok for me. :D


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