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March 21, 2006
Great guys! Having given up on MP for GBPVR (again), but the latter still having problems tuning (something MP is very good at for me), I revisited your site to find a new version!!
I uninstalled RC3, deleted the folder, installed RC4 and ... yippee!!! Working again (after I had managed to completely b****r RC3 by installing CVSs and SVNs, causing it to lock up ever since the first CVS after 30th March!!
However, despite now having a great version again, I have found the following two bugs so far..
1) After having viewed some trailers in My Trailers, when backing up to the menu screen, all option have changed so that the only two available are My Tetris and My Trailers, alternating, ad infinitum.
2) When I quit MP by using the top RH corner X, the screen appears to lock up, but if I then call up the task manager, and then immediatelly exit it without doing anything, I get the desktop back OK.

Hope you can solve these ... you may just have got my loyalty back in time!!

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Hi sbaldock

    Never having had either of these problems, i know can you use support template (boring i know), Need as much info as you can supply.


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