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December 23, 2008
For some reason when I go to Watch your movies the bottom row where the movies are in (Flimstrip) non fan art orientated version of the skin. The entire row of movies is blank and you can move left to right. it still shows the top part where the first movie is highlighted and i can click ok/play to play only that movie. Its basically moving pictures with no mini covers for the movies or the ability to select them. Sometimes I can simply toggle the view until it works again, and sometimes it requires a reboot of the skin. does anyone know how to fix this / why it does it.

Here is a mockup of what happens if this was the first movie in my list. I am unable to select any other movies.


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July 21, 2008
No sorry can't help you, a screenshot might clear things up for others, but I also think you should post this in Moving Pictures forum, unless you think this is caused by streamedmp skin.

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