Can anyone help me resolve a stutter with recorded TV (1 Viewer)


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August 4, 2005
Good Morning All,

Quick Brief: I get a stutter when playing a recorded TV program in both MP and Windows Media Player.

Area: MyTV
Skin: Razor
MP Version: CVS 20-02-06
Windows Version: XPSP2+Patches
CPU Type: AMD64 3000+
Memory: 1GB
Motherboard Chipset: ASUS A8N-VM CSM + Nforce 430 + GeForce 6150
Video Card: Integrated GeForce 6150
Video Card Driver: 81.98 (latest)
Video Card Resolution: 1360 x 768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Nvidia
Audio Codec Type & Version: Nvidia
TV Card: Nova T
TV Card Type: DVB
TV Card Driver: ??? (latest)

I recently upgraded my mobo to the ASUS, prior to doing a reinstall I booted windows with my old installation and reinstalled the new drivers for the ASUS board and amazingly it all worked fine.

Since then, being the picky person I am, I've done a clean install of XP and gone through windows update, installed all the latest drivers etc. including the Frodo recommended patches, and initially I only installed DotNet 2.0.

When I watch live TV fine it works, but if I watch recorded TV I get a picture stutter every 10-20 seconds (sound stays constant).

Since then I've tried everything I can think of including installing:-
-Nvidia Decoder
-DotNet 1.1
-PCI Latency (although this seemed to make it worse)

My theory is that its something I've installed on my old installation as it was working.

Anyone got any ideas to try. Also I can't see where to change the VMR\Overlay setting as I get a funny occourence, from starting MP, the first time I play a video I get sound but a black picture, then I click stop and (after 30-40 seconds the GUI returns), click play again and it'll play ok for the rest of the session!!


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August 4, 2005
Ok, after some more fiddling still got the problem, however I sussed out that it is the actual recording that has a stutter, because I played the files on another machine and it stuttered there as well.

So now I need to figure out why the recording engine is not working properly.


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August 4, 2005
has anyone got any ideas i can try cos i'm all out, tried everything!

I'm wondering if its something to do with the hdd as the hdd lights flashes about once per second, its an sata1 conncted to the nforce controller? could that be why the recordings are pants?


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March 8, 2006
Thanks Rybber,

I did this already.
Last weekend I did a big forum search action and tried almost everything explained.
From trying different codecs to installing the newest MS patches.
Unfortunately I didn't discover the Cool'n'Quiet-Post earlier.
So maybe I'll have a workaround by disabling C'n'Q.
Next thing if this won't help is looking for a better driver.
Because I've got a FujitsuSiemens DVB-T Stick I don't know which drivers to use instead. Befcause MP tells me that it is discovered as TwinHan-Stick 'I'll take a look at their site. The drivers from FSC are quite old, so this could be a solution, too.


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