Can I share local photos/videos with friends through internet? (1 Viewer)



I am new to the media centers' world and I am trying to understand which opensourced sw responds to my needs.
Mediaportal has great functionalities, but I am wondering if I can share local photos/videos with remote friends through internet.
I do not want to publish my contents to Flickr or similar. I'd like my friends to directly access my server and browse the folders I've decided to share through a restricted access. A sort of home WebServer that publish local content to internet through user/pwd access.
Does Mediaportal offer this functionality?
Is there an example or some screenshots somewhere?
Do you know if other media centers do that?
Many thanks for your answers and help!!!


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    Hmm so many ways... remote access, ftp, vpn, http, p2p, and the list goes on. Google is the place you want to be.

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