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August 29, 2005
I was just messing around trying to make some changes for my personal install. I have figured out some things on xml pages but I cannot figure out how some functions like <ondown>, <onup>, <onleft>, <onright>, etc work. I am assuming that onleft and onright are mouse buttons. I do not know about ondown and onup. Can anyone help me and give me a list to point me to a list of what these actions mean and their cooresponding numbers? (i.e. <onleft>8</onleft>) I am unsure as to what the 8 means and cannot find documentation on it anywhere. Thanks in advance for your help! MP is the BEST!



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  • December 6, 2004
    onup, ondown and onleft and onright are there to say where the focus should jump to when this button on the keyboard or the remote is pressed. you need to give it the id of the control you would like to jump to


    _____________ ______________
    button with id1| |button with id2 |
    ----------------- --------------------

    now obvisouly when button 1 is focused and the user pressed the right key you would want the focus to shift to button 2, so you would specify <onright>2</onright> for the button 1. for button 2 you would specify 1 as the onleft event.

    hope that helps

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