Can't scan/tune to DVB-T channels (1 Viewer)


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February 5, 2007
Greece Greece

I have imported some DVB-T channels through the TV Server import function.
The tuning configuration is correct, as it working at a friend's MP.

However after mapping these channels to my Terratec DVB-T card, I can't view them.
I have also tried to scan for them using all regions (both Greece and Sweden). I couldn't find any channels.
Actually when I am in the scanning section of the TV Server Configuration, I see that I have full Signal Level but low Signal quality.
I have also installed the DVB Hotfix, although after the MP installation.

Could you recommend me how to overcome this problem?
Is there any relevant log where I could get more information from?



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February 5, 2007
Greece Greece

this problem is solved.

The TV signal input was not so high.
When connecting the right antenna to the DVB-T card, I could tune and see all DVB-T channels.


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