cant watch tv and record @ same time (1 Viewer)


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November 14, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program
Skin: default
MP Version: newest
Windows Version: XP w/sp2
CPU Type: AMD 2500+
Memory: 1gb ddr
Motherboard Chipset: Via kt800
Video Card: nvidia fx5200
Video Card Driver: latest
Video Card Resolution: 640x480
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: intervideo
Audio Codec Type & Version: intervideo
TV Card: Phillips
TV Card Type: dunno
TV Card Driver: driver that came with it

OK I know ur thinking this is just like the thread down below but ITS NOT.

when I try to record a tv show I cant watch tv, everything else works fine but the little checkbox/tab that says TV ON is unchecked and I cant check it back on until I press stop recording.

Is my tv card setup wrong?


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