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    Please use this thread to share your custom Category Images that you think other users might find useful. I have provided a photoshop PSD file of the images used in the Blue3/StreamedMP skins and some screenshots of them in use.

    Here is some sample code to display the selected category image:

      <description>Selected Category Image</description>
      <texture flipY="true" diffuse="Thumb_Mask.png">Categories\#MovingPictures.SelectedNode.FileFriendlyName.png</texture>  
      <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowOpen</animation>
      <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowClose</animation>          
    If you download and want to use the image when browsing your categories, simply drop the file into your Skins Media\Categories folder e.g.

    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Skin\Blue3Wide\Media\Categories

    Its also important that the image name matches your category name e.g. If you have a Box Set collection called 'Aliens' the corresponding image filename should be named 'Aliens.png'

    A Big Thanks to Xzener's, whom created a collection of icons to be used with Media Browser, link to his update thread can be found here: Xzener's Media Browser Icon's

    I have provided a download link to a set of images which include most of the popular genre's e.g. Action, Adventure.
    Download Category Images 30-NOV-09

    I will try keep this download up to date regularly with community contributions.

    Please feel free to say thanks, make requests and discuss images posted. But please be aware that we clean this thread of posts without image files attached every week or so to keep things clean.
    -- fforde


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    EDIT: I will upload all my pictures here and notify on new posts. URLs also fixed due to forum upgrades.

    After Dark Horrorfest
    (Actor) Jackie Chan
    (Actor) Stephen Chow
    Giallo (Italian horror/thriller)
    SciFi/SyFy Channel
    SiFi Maneater Series



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    I will try keep this download up to date regularly with community contributions.
    If you previously grabed my category images, then please re-download them, because i fixed the shadowing errors.

    ... 3 more missing categories (credit to above for recycling images history/music)


    [Edit]: Please use the #links to obtain the larger images

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