[other] Centralized SQL Database for Videos/Music/Series/Pictures


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July 24, 2010
Current SQLlite engine does not support sharing, so its not possible to access the db from more than 1 client at the same time.

my request:

ability to use some other sql engine (mySQL or MSSQL) on a central Server, to store any information (including file-location) of music, videos, pics etc.

just like the sqllite db does it - but centralized for multi-user enviroments




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February 2, 2005
I think it's a good idea. As home NAS devices and home-server-based-storage are becoming more popular, it makes sense to keep the databases in a central location. Very useful for multi-seat configuration with 3 or more clients.

Additionally, since a SQL server (MS-SQL/MySQL) is a pre-requisite for installing MediaPortal anyway, I think can reduce some overhead caused by multiple DB systems.

However, in some cases users may prefer to have "local" DBs for a specific client (such as in the children's TV), so the best option might be letting the user choose a DB type & location from the MediaPortal configuration. In this case, the default configuration should be the "local" SQLite DB, to make upgrading easier.

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