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December 11, 2005
hey, is there a way to change the plugin selected when you start media portal? it currently has my music selected when it starts and i'd like to change that to my tv (or just go straight to the my tv plugin when it starts). i guess it's something to do with the order of plugins in the plugin section in the setup, as my music is the first i've got selected, then my pictures, my radio, etc. and that's the order they are on the startup screen.


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  • February 16, 2005
    there is a plug in to auto turn on TV. Can't remember where though.
    There is also a MyKeys plugin that at least gives you a single key press to go to full screen TV.

    Haven't you already posted this?


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    November 13, 2004
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    hi pepsi_max2k,

    i don´t know if it is that what you need but with the "home" plugin you can make your own menu-structure.

    I haven´t done it for a while because everything runs fine for me, but when you want to try it and need some help please let me know.



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    December 11, 2005
    thanks. i'll look out for the auto tv thing, or try the home thing if it doesn't work.

    it actually had tetris stuck as default for a while, i never figured out why. thought it might have been to do with the last plugin selected when you exit the program, but it didn't work when i tried it with other stuff.

    nah, i've not posted this as an actual question before, maybe mentioned it while generally complaining about stuff :p but not as a proper question, and i couldn't find any other answers when i searched but then i never tried the whole "plugin to manage plugins" thing.

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