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Discussion in 'Black & White 1080p' started by Se7enDays, October 9, 2008.

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    first of all thanks to this wonderful skin, it just looks awesome.

    I have one little complaint though. In the list views for my music, my videos etc. the left hand navigation panel is to narrow. the action commands are not fully shown. so i was wondering if i could manually change the width of them, but i don't know which xml file to edit. can someone help me.

    see picture for an example of what i mean:


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    Then you have to change every xml and controll.

    I think you're better off changing the font to a smaller one.

    Have a look at C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\Black & White 1080\references.xml

    There you'll find a button and a sortbutton controll. Try thanging the font to 12 for example:

    Code (Text):
    2.     <control>
    3.         <description>button</description>
    4.         <type>button</type>
    5.         <id>1</id>
    6.         <posX>0</posX>
    7.         <posY>0</posY>
    8.         <width>320</width>
    9.         <height>40</height>
    10.         <textXOff>60</textXOff>
    11.         <textYOff>0</textYOff>
    12.         <textureFocus>list_menu_focus.png</textureFocus>
    13.         <textureNoFocus></textureNoFocus>
    14.         [B][COLOR="red"]<font>font12</font>[/COLOR][/B]
    15.         <textcolor>ff000000</textcolor>
    16.         <colordiffuse>ffffffff</colordiffuse>
    17.         <disabledcolor>ffcccccc</disabledcolor>
    18.         <textcolorNoFocus>ff000000</textcolorNoFocus>
    19.         <dimColor>ffffffff</dimColor>
    20.     </control>
    22.     <control>
    23.         <description>sortbutton</description>
    24.         <type>sortbutton</type>
    25.         <id>3</id>
    26.         <width>320</width>
    27.         <height>40</height>
    28.         <textXOff>60</textXOff>
    29.         <textYOff>0</textYOff>
    30.         <textureFocus>list_menu_focus.png</textureFocus>
    31.         <textureNoFocus></textureNoFocus>
    32.         <textureAscending>button_asc_nofocus.png</textureAscending>
    33.         <textureAscendingFocused>button_asc_focus.png</textureAscendingFocused>
    34.         <textureDescending>button_desc_nofocus.png</textureDescending>
    35.         <textureDescendingFocused>button_desc_focus.png</textureDescendingFocused>
    36.         <offsetSortButtonX>10</offsetSortButtonX>
    37.         <offsetSortButtonY>1</offsetSortButtonY>
    38.         <offsetSortButtonWidth>38</offsetSortButtonWidth>
    39.         <offsetSortButtonHeight>38</offsetSortButtonHeight>
    40.         [B][COLOR="Red"]<font>font12</font>[/COLOR][/B]
    41.         <textcolor>ff000000</textcolor>
    42.         <colordiffuse>ffffffff</colordiffuse>
    43.         <disabledcolor>ff999999</disabledcolor>
    44.         <textcolorNoFocus>ff000000</textcolorNoFocus>
    45.         <dimColor>ffffffff</dimColor>
    46.         <label>103</label>
    47.     </control>

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