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DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this has been raised/answered/documented before.

In the Channel configuration under the TV section I have a couple of issues. These may be bugs or it may be that I am just stupid and haven't figured it out yet. :wink:

1. MediaPortal keeps adding SVHS, Composite 1 and Composite 2 back into the channels, even though I keep deleting them.

2. I don't understand the purpose of the tick boxes next to the channels. I would have assumed that you would tick only the boxes that you wanted to appear in the EPG and as possible channel selection. Or that you ticked the default one (like the radio Section). They don't seem to do anything.

3. Instead of using the channel numbers from my tvguide.xml it only matches up the channels if you have same channel names. Currently, I have to manually edit the tvguide.xml to change the names so that I can call them different things in MediaPortal. (Hope you can understand this, the default names from the tv grabber are very long channel names. Will explain in more depth if required.)

Can anyone explain any of the above behavour to me. Is this the way its meant to work, are these bugs or just things which aren't quite working yet? Or am I just dumb?

Any feedback would be great, thanks.


Can no-one shed any light on these issues? Should I post a bug report for each of these?


OK, 144 views and no-one is daring to stick their neck and give me clue. I'll dangle a carrot. A gmail invite if you can answer my questions.

a gmail invite if you can tell me the best settings for a 9600xt AIW card. I've just spent too many hour stuggling in the dark. :evil:


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    Hi forbes,

    i do not want a gmail account. ;) I do not know if you would give me one anyway, since i cannot answer your questions, too. :) I can just give some thoughts:

    1) I never tried to delete those entries. I think they are hardcoded and so appear everytime. Some sort of a bug, i think. You can report it.

    2) This tickboxes are not described in the manual. So who knows? You can ask bockalord, who makes the setup.

    3) Can't you say the grabber to change the channel names?
    But you are right, it would be better / logical for MP to use both: channel id and channel name of the xml:
    <channel id="Kabel">
    <display-name lang="de">Kabel 1</display-name>
    Make it a feature suggest. :)

    4) I do not have a 9600. So i cannot help out. For fast contact to the devs use IRC.

    HTH, Flip.

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