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October 15, 2005
why am i having so many problems seting up my channels

ok this is what i am doing. through media portal setup i am scanning all channels for my firedtv-s card. It seems to find all of my sky channels (give or take a few). I then go into tv channel setup and remove any channels i dont want, and then painstakingly order them the same as my sky channel listings. Then hit the backup button and save the channellist.xml file, this then comes up with "THERE IS NO RECORDED TV DATA TO EXPORT" which i hit the ok button for.

i then load the channel list into webepg, and this comes up with all the channels, even the ones i deleted and in no order (is this correct)...

i then setup a few channels in there, run webepg and then point mediaportal at this xml file, go into media portal and the channels are all over the place..

come on guys please help, what on earth is going ok



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  • February 23, 2005
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    In Configuration\Television\TV Channels - just tick only the channels that you want to appear in the EPG and put them in the order that you want them to appear. There is no need to delete any channels in Configuration.

    You can, of course, delete any channels in WebEPG for which you don't want to gather EPG data.

    That should be all that you need to do...... :D


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    October 15, 2005
    thanks for the reply..

    but if i uncheck the channels in mp then backup the channellist file, why do i still get the unchecked ones displaying in webepg?


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