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    Hiya all

    Im loving MP so much since DVB-T is working now...
    There are some more things that i think would clean up the My TV experience for every1

    1. Channel Surfing :
    When i want to change channels in full screen...when using a remote or keyboard..i have to hit the channel UP/DOWN button....i understand this but it would be better if i can skip over several channels at the moment when i change a channel i have to wait for that channel to appear before skipping to the next channel...makes for slow and inaccurate channel surfing...
    What would be better is using the same method when watching a video when playing a video file u can scan ahead by hitting a key ..on screen it says "+15sec", when u hit it again it says "+30sec" etc etc and so on until u reach the amount of time u want to scan ahead then u dont touch the remote or waits a few seconds and then follows the command....
    In My TV it would be good to have the same type of "scanning" except we are now talking about Channels...not time..

    2. My TV OSD :
    This is more for the skinners i guess...but can we have a Mini-OSD popup for 2 seconds to show the current channel name before and after channel switching. u know what channel is about to appear..and after to let u know u are on that channel u selected..
    i only mention this because the channel name in the OSD (at least on the MCE skin) is very small

    Thanks guys..MediaPortal is shaping up to be the best Media app on PC !


    That would be very cool, but even cooler would be a Channel-List in which you can choose the Channel to switch to. I don't know exactly which channels are where in the order.

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