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    Hi All,
    hoping someone can help me out here, I want to run digital output from my PC to my amp (amp will Dolby/DTS processing). the problem is that I need to get a souncard to do this as the onboard sound does do digital out nor does my amp have HDMI input.

    Current Connection is HDMI from PC -> TV. Note TV does has digital out but does not pass thru DTS :( so this is not an option.

    My question is, do I need to worry about bit rates and sample rates of the soundcard if all that is going to be connected is the digital out.



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    February 1, 2007
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    As far as I know, in audio codecs like ffdshow / ac3filter you can select DTS / Dolby / AC3 passthrough, so samplerate and bitrate will be identical as present in the source. There are also settings which makes it possible to always reencode the audio so samplerate and bitrate can be selected, however that would in theory introduce signal loss.

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