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November 21, 2007
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Hi Guys, hope you can help.
I recently have a Windows crash on my server, and the thing wouldn't boot up. Eventually I reformated and loaded windows again.

The problem I now have is that I can't get a manual record to work from any client. Everything else works.
I think I may have missed something quote basic but I'm at a loss.

Just a note, when you are sitting at the MyTV Screen and use record know, it asks whether to record the current program or until stopped, and then sets the schedule, but the recording doesn't start.

If I set up the client on the server machine this works fine, so it seems to be a network or permissions issue.

I'll answer any questions require to get this fixed

I also just found out that the miniguide data is incorrect although the normal guide works okay

TV-Server Version:
MediaPortal Version: Media Portal
MediaPortal Skin: Blue 3
Windows Version: SP3
CPU Type: Intel Pentium D 965
HDD: 1TB Seagate split 80GB for OS and rest for Movies, RAID 1 for Recordings
Memory: 2GB Dual Channel
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Video Card: Jaton 8600GT 256MB
Video Card Driver: nvidia 178.13
Sound Card: Onboard
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver: Onboard
1. TV Card: Fusion Dual Express PCIe
1. TV Card Type: Analog / DVB-T
1. TV Card Driver: latest
2. TV Card: Fusion Dual Express PCIe
2. TV Card Type: Analog / DVB-T
2. TV Card Driver: latest
3. TV Card: Avermedia A16D
3. TV Card Type: Analog / DVB-T
3. TV Card Driver: latest
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec: nvidia Purevideo
MPEG2 Audio Codec: FFDshow
h.264 Video Codec: FFDshow
Satelite/CableTV Provider:
HTPC Case: Generic Midi Tower
Power Supply: 400W
TV - HTPC Connection:


Portal Pro
November 21, 2007
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okay, sorry guys, logs attached.

I noted in the server log that it says remote control error.

I know this is the problem but I don't know how to fix it

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