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I have three different hard drives, each filled with Movies.
Would like a way to have one single directory in Media Portal that contains the entire listing from all three drives, in alphabetical order.

Currently, I have them setup as:

But, I have to search all three folders to find the movie I'm looking for.


I'm sort of new to MP but I think this is already possible if you use the IMDB feature to automatically create the database information for your movies. Then you can change the view to "movie" and it should just show all the movies in your shares.

Again. I'm just going by how I intrepret the manual. I only have one movie folder so I haven't tested this.

See pages 84-86 of the manual


I'll check it out

Sounds like I kind of round about way of doing it.

Be nice if there was a more straightforward way. Maybe if you gave each Folder Description the same name, or same pin code, they would automatically combine.

Thanks for the IMDB info, I'll check it out.


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April 22, 2004
The problem is when you want to "merge" your tv-series directories. Tv-series does not have any database support right now so you can´t add them there! I think I´ve requested this earlier, some sort of merging of shares, much like some ftpservers handle it. for example:

share called series
path d:\videos\series\;e:\videos\series\;\\computer2\D\series

And then you wouldn´t have to have Series 01, Series 02, Series 03 in your sharelist..


Exactly - Virtual Folders

I was thinking that exact same thing.
Basically the same way I setup "virtual" folders on my FTP.

The root for the FTP may be on C:, but I can make a virtual folder that shows up on the FTP as being on Drive C:, but the files are coming from my D; or E: drives. A virtual pointer.

Be nice if Media Portal would recognize if the Descriptive Names were the same in the setup portion for two drives folders , and combine the listings from both drives into one, all the while keeping the pointers to the separate drives behind the scenes.

Even if I had to do it manually, do you think there is a place in the files or database that I could edit directly to have them show up in the Descriptive "Movies I" folder, but have all the links pointing from the "Movies II" directory structure?

Then, I'd only ever have to go into "Movies I" folder to see a complete movie listing for all my files even across multiple drives.


Found a Workaround

Install NTFS Link:

Reboot your computer after installing.

Now, you can create a Virtual Folder on one drive and then make "symbolic links" or "junctions" to your other movies from within it.

For Example, I created a folder on my C drive called "Movies"

After installing NTFS Link, I was able to highlight all the movies on one of my other drives, right-click and drag 'n drop them into the C:\Movies folder (using the right mouse button). After releasing the button I have a new menu option called "Create Junction Here"

Continue to do that for all your other movie folders on all your other drives.

Now, in Media Portal, I just add my one C:\Movies folder to the movies list and all my movies are now contained in it from all my other drives.

*NOTE: Please take extreme care with this utility, by creating a "junction" or "symbolic link" to C:\Movies, if I delete the c:\movies folder, it will recursively search out and delete all my other folders on my other drives.
You must be sure to right-click on the folders and choose the "Remove Junction" option before making any changes to the C:\Movies folder.

Hope this helps. It sure is nice seeing all my movies from all my drives in one directory listing in alphabetical order.


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February 28, 2006
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Has anyone gotten something like this to actually work?

I have 6 disks, with directories having movies ( .iso files in c:\movies, g:\movies, J:\movies etc..) and would just like to see all the movies in one list . (using title browsing in database doesn't completely work, I have foreign movies not listed in imdb)

I don't mind running a script etc. to populate links or whatever.

I tried using junctions as suggested, but it looks like one can only make junctions to folders, not files. One can only make hard links to files in the same disk/partition.. So I still don't see how I can get one list of movie file names from different physical disks..

I couldn't make a directory(share) called MOVIES_ALL and have hard links/junctions to all the different movie .iso files.. Having junction points to folders gets us back to the same place as before, having to go into each of the directories.

ANY solution to this ?? I really don't like having to go into six shares to find all the movies I have.. This is bugging me.

"intention" above seems to say he's got it to work, but I can't see how.. Either I'm doing something wrong, or "intention" just stopped at theory without confirming the solution..


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February 5, 2006
yes, this is the basic in an application like MP

yes, this is the basic in an application like MP and would be greate


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March 3, 2007
Yes, this is want i been trying to have done, but i guess i wont use mp since this cannot happen, it a same i wanted to try something then myhtpc.. oh well

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