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March 29, 2005
First off, Thumbsup to the dev team, great job so far.

I just have 1 "simple" feature request.
If you are watching a show with timeshifting enabled, and you half way through it decide you wanna record it, it should add the part already timeshifted with the recording.

I know SageTV does this.
What it does, or atleast I think it's the way it does it, is...
It splits it timeshifting up in several different files, depending on channel and whats being broadcasted, thus making it easyer to add the timeshifting to recordings.
So watching show A on channel X would create 1 file, if you then switch to channel Y to watch show B, it would create a second file. Jumping back to channel X to watch show A would then create a third file. But SageTV knows that file 1 and 3 are from the same show and channel, so jumping back in the timeshifting would jump to the first file, skipping the part where you were watching channel B.
If you then later on in show A decided, hey, i wanna record this for later and pressed the REC button, it would take the parts it had already timeshifted from the current show and add it at the beginning of the recording, even though it didn't have every single minute of the show so far.

It was actually possible to use the tv-guide to jump to shows it had timeshifted several days before and press the record button and it would combine the timeshifted parts to a recording.

Hope to see this feature in a later release.

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