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February 10, 2009
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I have one DVB-T (free terrestrial) and one analog (cable) tuner. I have combined two channels (SVT1 and TV4).
As I understand this the highest priority tuner (DVB-T: priority 4) (Highest no. is highest priority) should go first. If that tuner doesn't work the next tuner in line should kick in as a fail-over (analog: priority 1).

However, this doesn't happen. When I have everything ready I get digital TV (as I should). Then, I disable the DVB-T by turning off my in-door antenna (meaning there will be no signal). I expected my analog tuner to kick in and show the channel. But that didn't happen. I just get window "No Signal".

This is what I did:
I first autotuned for digital channels and added SVT1 and TV4 to the DVB-T tuner. Tried to watch digital TV and it worked. I then manually added analog cable frequencies for SVT1_ and TV4_ (my channel names to keep them apart from the earlier autotuned same channels). Tried to watch analog TV and it worked. Then I combined SVT1 and SVT1_ and dito for TV4 by selecting SVT1 and SVT1_ and press the combine button. (Is this the way it's done?) I double checked that the combined channel was added to both cards and rebooted.

Have I missed anything?

Any tips appreciated!

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